Castle of Kazarmas


The Citadel of Kazarmas is a relatively small fortification and is located on the ancient road Argos – Nafplion – Epidaurus.

Was constructed probably by the Citizens and was obviously on the border of ancient cities – States of Argos and Epidaurus. The Citadel of the Kazarma (85m. x 75 m.) is located in the 15th kilometer of public road Nafplion – Epidaurus, and is built on a hill of height 28 m. The walls (2.50 m width and height 5.20 m) is made with polygonal system and probably date back to the 4th century BC. The Citadel has four circular towers. The main entrance is to the West and a gate there is in the East. Has rebuilt during the Byzantine era.

Visitors can visit the Acropolis of kazarma from the eastern side of the Hill, where a road has been constructed. There have been excavations and space configuration tasks.